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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  January 13, 2014 10:00pm-10:31pm PST

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this is kpix5 news on kbcw. >> firefighters tell us they never seen anything like it. critical fire conditions in the middle of what should be the rainy season. good evening, i'm juliette goode rich. >> a january red flag warning took effect. kristen ayers is live in berkeley hills tonight. kristen. >> and ken, here's what we are up against. gusty winds expected. little to no moisture in the air and brush so dry, you can actually hear it snap. these conditions could be devastating if a wild fire happened. the winds were so powerful in berkeley today that they snapped this tree. knocking it on to a house. the guts are expected to pick up again tonight. >> the fuels we have around here are depleted from moisture because of the drought. >> the drought has defecated
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brush. sparking something that deputy fire chief, avely web, has never seen in flee decades of fire fighting. >> first time in my career that i remember us having red flag warnings in january. >> fire season typically runs from june to november. but this year, it is still going strong in january and firefighters think it could overlap into next june. >> i have never seen that before, but this may be one of those times where it occurs. >> nosels different size. >> fire crews are carrying this around, the lightweight gear they use during wild fire season, which a normal year would be packed away in storage and keeping equipment handy, too. in case their worse fears come true. >> if something caught up fire, it could spread very rapidly.
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many buildings. >> now this red flag warning expires at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, but as you heard, these red flag warnings could continue until the summer. reporting live, kristen ayers, kpix5. >> and kristen showed you that calendar. typically we see the end of fire season, because it starts raining. it has not happened this year at all. it has rained seven times since july 4. so, it is still dry outside. so all you need is high wind to get a fire weather alert. that's what we v. it's super dry, humidity is down and the winds are picking up because the huge ridge of high pressure, which has been off to our west is back and it's getting stronger and temperatures will go up and now fresh off of the driest calendar year, this may be the driest january in san francisco and bay area history. we'll talk about any prospects for rain, but more likely we'll talk about record high
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temperatures. that's coming up in a few minutes. >> did you feel it? a small earthquake jolted vallejo tonight. it struck before 8:30. several of you called us to say you felt it. no reports of any damage. police in east palo alto investigating the city's first homicide of the year. joe vast quiz vasqez is live with details. >> right over there between parked cars. police tell us he is 19 years old. he is east palo alto's homicide victim of the year. some say they heard shots. they saw the buy lying in the street. police say he was shot as he walked down the street. half a block from his home. now family members here on the scene were in each other's arms just weeping in disbelief as they stood across the intersection. tonight's murder is one block away from a shooting yesterday in the 2300 block of palo verde
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avenue just before 2:00 p.m. that 18-year-old victim's head was grazed by a bullet. he is recovering from a superficial wound and ken, tonight police say they are investigating the possibility those two shootings are related. >> all right, joe vast quiz reports live from east palo alto. >> it's a scary scene san jose residents are starting to know all too well. fire in the early morning hours and the person behind it clearly knows what they are doing. andrea met. >> you can see some of the damage here behind me at this church. this is the church. people do not sleep here overnight. people are more concerned in this san jose neighborhood with what goes bump in the night, while their eyes are closed. darkness falls over this neighborhood, the fear of who may be lurking in the night rises. >> you are sleeping and a big
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old fire. you have to worry about everyone in the house. >> this surveillance video is etched in neighbor's brains to the point they can resight it nearly frame by frame. >> some chanting, i'm guessing that is gas or something. >> the serial arsonist seems to have an ironclad mo. strike between 2:00 and 5:00 a.m. when neighborhood bustle is nonexistent and eyes are closed. antonio, whose home was one of those burned thinks the suspect knows these streets well. >> the day before in the 28 -- this is one more. i mean, it's one-time more. >> this sketch handed out by san jose police and fire is a good one. >> the night before -- >> a san jose councilman
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organized watch groups. for a neighborhood accustomed to gang fights and shoots, it's a fear of someone whose allegiances are unknown that's scary. >> trying to keep my eyes open. trying to stop them. it's not good. >> yeah, this church you see behind me has been hit twice. once on wednesday, once on sunday. neighbors say they are very concerned that this arsonist is going to keep coming around and burning, perhaps, until he kills someone. kpix5. >> a vacville pastor has been arrested for fire bombing his exgirlfriend's house. mark lewis on the far left and three other people threw a molitof cocktail. six people were sleeping inside the house, but no one was hurt. investigators say that lewis is linked to several other incidents targeting the same woman, including breaking her
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car windows and setting fire to the bushes outside her home. >> a petaluma meat processor is recalling products. the products were produced without a full federal inspection before the animals were slaughtered. they are considered unsafe for human consumption. the recall products include liver and tripe. >> four area flu deaths reported today. a run on that vaccine. some pharmacies are running out. flu shot providers are oaring extra doses to keep up with the high demand. a bay area woman has died. 25-year-old anna backman was posing for a photo when she apparently slipped. it happened yesterday afternoon in the sunset cliffs area. the popular spot is marked with signs warning that the cliffs can be unstable. police say bachman fell 40 to 50 feet.
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>> there were two nurses that hustled down the cliff and began cpr and first aid as well as a couple surfers, as my understanding, it wasn't meant to be. >> sheafs pursuing a master's degree at the university of illinois in chicago. new community task force met in santa rosa today to discuss the death of andy lopez. 13-year-old was shot by sonoma county deputy in october after he mistook the boy's pellet gun for an actual assault rifle. tonight, the task force met to explore options for the community policing. some residents were skeptical. >> here, what else do you guys want type of deal? we're not going to indict them, so here. you should be happy with this. that's how i look at it, but i have to put a little bit of faith in a few of the members
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on the task force, hoping that mob something good can come out of this. >> many community members are outraged that deputy gilhouse is back at work in an administrative role of two months of paid leave. the long drawn out battle is finally over. members of the transit agency's biggest union voted today to ratify their new contract. so ends nine months of labor strike that included two crippling strikes. the new four-year deal drops a provision, but includes raises and safety improvements. >> veteran bay area representative is calling it quits after 40 years in congress. >> i'm proud of what i have been able to accomplish for children and families. for working people. for the environment and the east bay and our country. but i have no regrets about what i have accomplished and about what i have tried to accomplish in the public interest. >> the contra costa democrat
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was elected to the house in 1974. he was one of the most powerful democrats on capitol hill and his departure is a hit to the democratic party. first bridge gate and now this. >> the jersey shore is open. >> new political storm swirling over chris christie. >> and just in time to destroy your new year's resolutions. dunken donuts coming to the bay area. >> would you all like to be forgiven for your sins? >> that's great, you are. >> and the pastor delivers the shortest sermon ever so he could go watch the niners game. the great american novel.
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a southwest airlines jet is finally back on course after landing at the wrong airport. it had been grounded at a small airstrip in missouri since yesterday. it was supposed to have landed 7 miles away in branson. passengers describe being thrown forward as the pilot avoided going over an embankment. >> the runway was 3 blocks long and that's it. we were the only plane sitting out there, so it's hard to imagine that they didn't know
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they shouldn't have been there. >> the pilots, both veterans, have been suspended. federal transportation officials launched an investigation into the mixup. there's new storm brewing for new jersey governor chris christie. sullivan reports the feds are now reviewing how he spent millions in superstorm sandy recovering money. >> it looks like a campaign ad. >> the jersey shore is open. >> starring the governor and his family. >> because we are stronger than the storm. >> but, it's not. this ad used $4.7 million out of $25 million in super storm sandy relief funds. federal money to promote tourism at the jersey shore, a campaign to show jersey was back. a new federal investigation will now look deeper to determine if christie running for reelection, spent the federal sandy funds improperly to increase the tourism ads.
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>> taxpayer dollars that could have been used for sandy relief were used for ads promote k the governor, because he was in them, during an election campaign. >> last year, the ads raised eyebrows immediately, even from some fellow republicans on capitol hill. >> i think oh yeah, come to new jersey, but it's like, i don't want to pay for ads for someone's advertising out of sandy relief fund. it gives the whole thing a black eye. >> the investigation will take several months to rule on wrong doing. >> the governor's office says the white house approved that plan. and that the ads were quote, developed with the goal of effectively communicating that the jersey shore was open for business during the first summer after sandy. meanwhile, new jersey state lawmakers are launching a new investigation into the george washington bridge lane closures. two cristie aides are accused of orchestrating a traffic nightmare on the nation's busiest bridge back in september. as political retaliation against the mayor of fort lee.
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cristie insists he was kept in the dark about it. >> google is about to expand even further into your home. the tech giant just bought palo alto for $3.2 billion. google was an early investor in the company. nest is known for its smoke alarms. >> we won't know if the 49ers make it to the super bowl for six days. we are praying they do, but we won't know for sure. the fan buildup is part of the excitement. 49er faithful welcome the team back to the bay area last night after a big win over carolina. now, their sights are set on the battle in seattle. but betty tells us getting to the game won't be easy. betty. >> ken, it's the hottest ticket. if you're a 49ers fan, they have been shut out of the official ticket buying process
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and there are ways around it, but finding a deponent deal is tough. these 49er fans hope to cut into that home field advantage. at sunday's game at century link field, a notoriously loud stadium. tonight they discussed car pooling up to seattle at their monthly booster club meeting in santa clara. >> a lot of groups arranging for limousines and bus services. >> it's going be a hell of a time and seattle fans aren't afraid of all the san franciscoens. >> so afraid apparently the seahawks blocked ticket sales to california residents. you can still buy tickets on the secondary market. but what these fans found on those sites wasn't encouraging. >> they are going all the way up. for the decent seats. >> this takes it one step further. you can't buy them through
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ticket master. ticket master is supposed to be a national company. >> the move is not unprecedented. >> it's within the spirit of the rules. the national football league. i respect it. that you're trying to do for your team, put them in the best possible decision to win. >> the tickets are too pricey, but they'll their funds for that super bowl trip. >> the most expensive ticket is going for $122,000. the cheapest ticket, of course, nosebleed seats. those are going for about $400 each. all of this goes to show you that demand right now is very strofnlgt live in santa clara, kpix5. >> hold on to your waistband. dunken donuts is coming to the bay area. the company plans to open 80 stores over the next five years. many of them will be sprinkled around the bay area.
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get it? the company is already working to recruit franchisees. >> i want to get one of those ring hats. those are cool. >> all five? it will be outdated after february. >> have to get a new hat. never know. we had one record high today, 70 degrees in oakland. we'll have a dozen by the end f this week. it's about record heat. 70s are likely. a live look outside right now. beautiful show. the bay bridge and entire city of san francisco, the east bay off in the distance. this is from the top of our sutro cam. about 1400 feet up a is where we get that perspective and this is looking down on the bay area. nothing on the radar, but you likely saw that already. a cloudness night with cool air. we will see sub freezing temperatures.
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santa rosa 31. upper 30 s, and menlo park also in the upper 30s. let's talk about the battle in seattle. will it will raining? yes, but not heavy rain. cloudy and showery, 50 degrees. they will get the rain fall, right now, rain is a pipe dream. we've been talking about this for august. it really hasn't moved. here's the problem. it's not the big rush ridge of high pressure, there's a huge area of low pressure in eastern canada. as long as that doesn't move, it's like a traffic jam. so that's not moving. the thing behind it also cannot move. it's not going to move the next seven to ten days. ser row rain fall, but you'll get great weather. nights will be chilly. record highs through thursday. highs in the 70s tomorrow.
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san jose, 10 degrees above average. 69 degrees for you. low 70s morgan hill, lohse altos, redwood city, 70. concorde 68. vallejo 69 degrees. mid january, folks, san rafael 68. and lake port, 71 tomorrow. a couple degrees cooler. the weather will be cooler and those not a single drop of rain fall. we're back with more news in two minutes. ,, [ male announcer ] start engine. accelerate. shift.
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average r. the 49ers may have had help from a higher power. >> die hard fan, pastor tim christensen cut things short at his sunday sermon to catch the game. >> i think we may have an abbreviated service. if you want to follow with me a little bit. would you like to be forgiven for your sins? okay, that's great, you are. i was going to talk about wine, but i think you know about that, right? >> okay, great. there's some bread and some wine up here on the table. feel free to help yourself. if you'd like, come as you are, that's just fine. and serve the lord. >> thanks. i'm out of here. >> he's out of here. it was cut short.
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and they won. >> did you see that? he did the kaepernick. >> who is god pulling for in this game? >> i don't know. it's a toss up. >> i don't know. twitter us at kpix if you know the answer to that. what's on jim harbaugh's ipad and serena williams starts her quest. the minute is next. ,,,, [dad] [laughs] [boy] mom! [mom] yes? [boy] whoa,whoa,whoa...
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[mom and dad] [laughing] [boy] whoa,whoa,whoa... [mom] you've got two left feet,boo.
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jim harbaugh peeled back the onion and gave us a sample of some of his favorite music. >> this team has been in a lot of situations. everywhere, man. it's like the johnny cash song. we've been everywhere, man.
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>> he can hold a tune. is that right? anyway, they have been everywhere and they are going to have to take it on the road if they want to get to their second straight super bowl. ken will be the new head coach with the tennessee titans. it was eliminated by denver yesterday. he was the previous head coach. we go down on round one. serena williams. venus 57 minutes to beat the teenager. she goes on 6-2, 6-1. brian wilson has come full circle in hollywood. he drops the first puck between the kings and the -- oh my gosh. >> what is that? >> you know, i predict, honestly, i predict when he is done playing baseball, he will succeed dennis rodman as our
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next ambassador for north korea. >> really? >> thanks for watching. we'll see you at 11:00 on kpix5. ,,,,,,,,,, good. good answer.
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